Abu Dhabi Government Data Management Program

The goal and thus the scope of the Abu Dhabi Government Data Management Program is first to acknowledge that data is a key asset of the Abu Dhabi Government, and then to improve both the data management functions and the data stored within the Abu Dhabi Government to accelerate and maximize value realization from data.

The benefit of owning and using high quality data is that it becomes a strategic enabler for the Abu Dhabi Government in its journey to become a leading data-driven government that benefit the well-being of Abu Dhabi citizens and boost the economy of the emirate.

Data Management best practice means that data must first be appropriately governed; only then can the supporting data management principles below, be applied to enable successful data management:

  • Data ownership
  • Clearly described and discoverable data
  • Measured and improvable data quality
  • Availability and integration of data
  • Management of supporting tools to maintain, analyze, and report on the data


  • Abu Dhabi Government Data Management Standards (v1.0), (PDF)
  • Abu Dhabi Government Data Management Policy (v1.0), (PDF)