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Upon H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan "may God rest him in" taking over of the reins of government, he realized through his clear-sight of issues, his correct perusal of events and its trends, his profound understanding of the country elements, his vision through the future of the country sons and its progress and his deep-rooted faith in the Islamic creed that there was a need to reconstruct the constituents of rule and to construct public affairs management basic frames. The first of such institutes which reflect His Highness deep faith in consultation principle was the National Consultative Council. On 1st July 1971G, Law No (2) of 1971G concerning the establishment of the National Consultative Council was promulgated mentioning in its historical establishment statement that National Consultative Council Law aims at getting nationals, elites and the assistance of H/H/ the Ruler engaged in managing the country affairs and in determining its policy.

National Consultative Council