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EAD regulates and enforces Abu Dhabi's environmental laws to protect biodiversity and preserve the quality of life for a sustainable future. Starting as a small group of pioneering ecologists in 1996 working in the harsh desert environment, we have grown breaking down barriers and pushing the limits of science and conservation. We are now the largest environmental regulator in the Middle East, continuing the strong legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan by exemplifying his values of conservation. Our proudest achievements include setting up the Sheikh Zayed Protected Areas Network, recording 100 unknown invertebrate species and leading the region in banning gargour fishing nets – while our mandate is focused on regulation and direction of policy with transparency.

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Agriculture Suitability

This layer representing the Agriculture Suitability is a derived dataset from the Abu Dhabi Soil Survey Project 2009. Soil interpretation for Irrigated Agriculture evaluates the soils suitability for development of irrigated agriculture in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This interpretation of the extensive survey information identified the most suitable 1,000,000ha of land in the Emirate. From the million hectares, 400,000ha was further selected for a semi-detailed soil survey at 1:25,000. Criteria used were: Hard pan or rock depth (cm); Water table depth (cm); Salinity (dS/m) weighted average for 0 to 50cm; Salinity (dS/m) weighted average for 50 to 100cm; Gypsum depth to upper boundary of gypsic diagnostic horizon (cm); Texture for surface 0 to 25cm layer;Slope gradient (%); and relief (m). Current land use was not considered in the interpretation. Use limitations The data must be used appropriately for the scale of mapping. Prior to decisions about land use more detailed site inspection is likely to be required to develop detailed understanding of Soil and site characteristics related to the planned use. Created by Environment Agency Abu Dhabi as part of the Abu Dhabi Soil Survey project 2009. Data Origin:EAD

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